Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentines Day!

Hey Guys!
I thought i'd do a little post as i'm getting rather excited for valentines day! Well more the Saturday after. Im very lucky to have a wonderful boyfriend to share valentines day with and we have a couple of little plans.

On Friday I have the day off! WOO LAY IN! So I think were going to just chill all day, we bought 'The Hobbit' last weekend as we've heard so many great reviews about it, so were going to watch that. Then in the evening my stepdad is cooking my mum a meal so we decided to leave the house to them and we're going out for an Indian at our favourite restaurant in town - Me2Raj. We went there last year and had a great time! Then on the Saturday I bought Jase two tickets to see one of our favourite singers, Lauren Aquilna. She is an upcoming singer that we have been following for the past year, when I saw her tickets were on sale for around valentines day I thought it would be a great little gift! I have also bought him something else which I have to go pick up tomorrow, but I cant tell you what that is incase he takes a look on this post! So were going to see Lauren Aquilina sing in Leeds at The Wardrobe. Were going to drive over in the morning, maybe do some shopping, scout the street for somewhere nice to eat, and then after the show were hopefully going to go out for a quiet drink in Leeds after - or we could go crazy and go to some clubs!

I bought myself two new dresses from MissGuided last week which i'm going to have to try on and decided which one i'm going to wear for which night! I love buying new dresses for occasions and events, I always like to try them on with different things, different shoes or jewellery. I get so excited to sort my outfit out and to decided how i'm going to wear my hair or makeup! I bet your thinking wow she really doesn't get out much hahaa, but I just love being a girl (most of the time i'm not really much of a girl) and getting all ready. Thats my favourite part of going out, I get all ready and have a great time, then when it comes to actually going out, i'm not even that bothered.

Here are the two dresses that I need to chose between, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Well, Ill make sure I take lots of pictures on Friday and Saturday and ill give you an update on Sunday!
Much love,

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