Friday, 21 March 2014

They can't get any cuter!

Firstly I would like start by saying a huge congratulations (even though they don't know me and will probably never see this) to Tom Fletcher and his beautiful wife Giovanna Fletcher on the birth of their son, Buzz!

Now to the point, well, I was a little bored on my lunch hour so I thought I would have a little nosey on Youtube. I am subscribed to Tom Fletcher (the guy from McFly), and this popped up on my home page, the 'What to Watch' bit. I thought it was so cute and such a lovely idea that they have come up with. I have always wanted to do the taking pictures everyday thing when I get pregnant (in the distant future) to record the bump, think I now need to make Jase learn how to sing and play guitar ready to make one of these!

These two are the cutest couple I have ever seen and you can just see them lasting a lifetime. Their little son is going to be so lucky to have parents that are quite clearly so in love.

This is there video they did last year around Halloween to announce they're special baby news! So creative and well thought of.

And then this one was his wedding speech when they got married! I literally cry at this one every time! I will be utterly disappointed if this isn't the case on my wedding day.

I think they are both so clever and talented to be able to come up with such lovely little videos and songs! It makes me jealous that I didn't come up with the idea first!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Another Week of Instagram

Lets take a peek at my Instagram! Strangely a lot more going on than my normal pictures of Daisy sleeping.

My favourite! 

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The First Kiss...

Hey Guys!
I have already done a little post today but when I was casually surfing the web, I came across this. I absolutely love it! What a genius idea! I had to share it with you all.

The 3 minute clip is presented by Wren Studio. Its a little clip showing what happened when they ask 20 complete strangers to kiss. Now some of them are musicians and actors so it kind of comes easy. But it shows the awkward silences and giggles before they come together.

I think it is such a cute little clip and it had me giggling behind the computer screen! We all know how awkward the first kiss can be, who's going to lean in first? what type of kiss? A quick one or passionate one? 

I remember my first kiss with Jason, looking back it was so awkward and played. We was sat watching a film (Billy Elliot - to be precise) and he kept annoying me and kissing my neck and I was like "Stop it I'm watching the film" (*PLEASE CARRY ON!*). Then when I looked over/up at him he like kissed my nose (it wasn't much of a kiss, kind of like a suck?, haha I don't really know how to describe it) and then after a few seconds of just staring at each other, he moved in for the kiss. There you have it, I was a giggling little school girl after that!

Let me know what you think, and tell me all about your first kiss! ( I want all the goss!)

Holiday Kisses! - Sorry for the lovey dovey stuff!

A week of Instagram

Reviewing this past week of Instagram I can confirm that I take far to many pictures of Daisy, and she sleeps too much!

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A little bit of inspiration!

A little bit of inspiration for your day! I liked these so I hope you do to.

Monday, 10 March 2014

1 Month of Blogging!

Today is my one month blog anniversary! Yayyyy! So I thought that I would do a kind of overview of how its all been.
What went through my mind one moth ago! Well I have been following Zoella's blog and youtube videos for about a year now, and I always loved reading her posts, and I thought 'You know what, I could do that!' I thought it would be lovely to have my own little corner of the internet where I could just be myself, no one would judge what I wrote or think I was silly. I could be myself and that could be whoever I wanted to be! Still to this day only one of my friends knows about my blog, because I like that its just me and my own little world. Whenever I used to go on twitter on my personal account I would be wary of what to tweet incase it was judged or someone thought it was silly, where as on my blog twitter I can put whatever I want. 

I never realised how big the blogging community was until I became apart of it. There are so many cool and different blogs out there! I love it when your just scanning around and you come across a really different blog, don't get me wrong I love the beauty and fashion blogs and they are always so helpful in knowing what products to buy or not to buy, etc... but I love coming across travel blogs, or DIY and cooking blogs! I think they're so different and there isn't that many of them. I also love the parent blogs, being able to scroll through all the pictures of the cute babies and even learning things ready for the future (far far far away future).

I also never realised how amazing the blogging community was, when I started out I wasn't really sure on quite a few things, I'm still not now, but all I had to do was ask the question and people would be commenting and helping me. Then when I joined in on my first (and only so far, I really must print the times on my hand or something) blogger chat it was great, so many people commenting to each other and helping each other out, it must be because were mainly all females and females do it best! But everyone is just so kind and helpful it's great. I think its like having a second little family!

I have been so lucky to gain 60 followers on twitter! Its not loads but it's enough, as long as I know people are reading my blogs and enjoying them then thats the main thing! I also reached 40 followers on bloglovin'! Im feeling the love! Although you guys need to start liking posts if you like them so I know what i'm doing right and wrong!

Well anyway so far my blogging experience has been amazing! I have been nominated for a Liebster award, I have done a guest post, I have gained some followers and I have met a couple of fellow blogging friends! Its been great, Im still enjoying it and still raring to go! 

Thank you everyone for your support and help so far! 

Much love 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Calling the Shots

Hey Guys! So Im a week late with this one!
Last Friday me and Jase went to our local pub to watch our friends band: Calling the Shots.

We really did not expect to hear what we did. They we're really really good! We had such a good night, they covered a few bands: including Greenday, Thin Lizzie, And Queen. My favourite song was Chelsea Dagger by the Frattellis who are a favourite of mine.

Iphones are really crappy in this lighting!

Here is a little video of 'The Boys are Back in Town' - This was there encore song!! Also please excuse my terrible filming.

With it being our favourite pub, we decided we was going to grab so grub while were there. Our favourite meals! Didn't even have to look at the menu! I forgot to take a picture of our starters though.

Yummy Food! 
It turned out to be a really good night and we will definitely be going to see them again. My score would be a good 8/10!

Iphones are crappy!

Monday, 3 March 2014

DIY Coloured Flowers

As I have told you in previous posts I have been decorating my bedroom, which still isn't finished! All the painting is now done, and everything is starting to go back in its place but I haven't yet managed to complete all the finishing touches. I haven't even ordered my new bedding or blind yet!

On Saturday I decided that it was time to get my head in gear and sort out some of my finishing touches. I scouted my mums little corner of wedding bits from July, (we made all our own table decorations etc, so we had lots of silk flowers left over that weren't used) I managed to find a bunch of white roses that were perfect for what I wanted to do.

I got out my paints, a couple of paint brushes and a bowl of water. To match the bedding that I want I had decided that I wanted a bunch of white, pink and blue flowers to sit in a glass milk bottle that I have. So I got to painting a couple of them blue and a couple pink.

I added a little bit of paint to the bowl of water so it was a bit more like a dye, and then using my brush I painted each petal. After I had gone around the whole flower which was now a pastel pink or blue, I wet my brush and dipped it into the paint, so the consistency was a little bit more thicker. I started form the bottom of each petal and did thick brush strokes up to the top. This created a nice realness to each petal with the different shades of pink/blue.

Once I had completed each of the flowers that I wanted to do I put them on my radiator to dry as they were very wet from all the water. While they were drying I started on another little flower piece I had gathered from the wedding bits. It was a garland of roses which each had a fairy light in the middle. I love fairy lights around my bed, and this was even nicer because they were roses. They were pale cream roses with hints of pink around the centre. To match my bed I decided to paint them pink. I didn't use too much water with these as I didn't want them to be a pastel pink I wanted them to be a more predominant pink that stood out.

Before and After

These roses were white originally painted to pink to go around the bottom of my bed.

Throughout the whole process Daisy decided that she was going to use me as a bed!