Friday, 21 March 2014

They can't get any cuter!

Firstly I would like start by saying a huge congratulations (even though they don't know me and will probably never see this) to Tom Fletcher and his beautiful wife Giovanna Fletcher on the birth of their son, Buzz!

Now to the point, well, I was a little bored on my lunch hour so I thought I would have a little nosey on Youtube. I am subscribed to Tom Fletcher (the guy from McFly), and this popped up on my home page, the 'What to Watch' bit. I thought it was so cute and such a lovely idea that they have come up with. I have always wanted to do the taking pictures everyday thing when I get pregnant (in the distant future) to record the bump, think I now need to make Jase learn how to sing and play guitar ready to make one of these!

These two are the cutest couple I have ever seen and you can just see them lasting a lifetime. Their little son is going to be so lucky to have parents that are quite clearly so in love.

This is there video they did last year around Halloween to announce they're special baby news! So creative and well thought of.

And then this one was his wedding speech when they got married! I literally cry at this one every time! I will be utterly disappointed if this isn't the case on my wedding day.

I think they are both so clever and talented to be able to come up with such lovely little videos and songs! It makes me jealous that I didn't come up with the idea first!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Another Week of Instagram

Lets take a peek at my Instagram! Strangely a lot more going on than my normal pictures of Daisy sleeping.

My favourite! 

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