Monday, 10 March 2014

1 Month of Blogging!

Today is my one month blog anniversary! Yayyyy! So I thought that I would do a kind of overview of how its all been.
What went through my mind one moth ago! Well I have been following Zoella's blog and youtube videos for about a year now, and I always loved reading her posts, and I thought 'You know what, I could do that!' I thought it would be lovely to have my own little corner of the internet where I could just be myself, no one would judge what I wrote or think I was silly. I could be myself and that could be whoever I wanted to be! Still to this day only one of my friends knows about my blog, because I like that its just me and my own little world. Whenever I used to go on twitter on my personal account I would be wary of what to tweet incase it was judged or someone thought it was silly, where as on my blog twitter I can put whatever I want. 

I never realised how big the blogging community was until I became apart of it. There are so many cool and different blogs out there! I love it when your just scanning around and you come across a really different blog, don't get me wrong I love the beauty and fashion blogs and they are always so helpful in knowing what products to buy or not to buy, etc... but I love coming across travel blogs, or DIY and cooking blogs! I think they're so different and there isn't that many of them. I also love the parent blogs, being able to scroll through all the pictures of the cute babies and even learning things ready for the future (far far far away future).

I also never realised how amazing the blogging community was, when I started out I wasn't really sure on quite a few things, I'm still not now, but all I had to do was ask the question and people would be commenting and helping me. Then when I joined in on my first (and only so far, I really must print the times on my hand or something) blogger chat it was great, so many people commenting to each other and helping each other out, it must be because were mainly all females and females do it best! But everyone is just so kind and helpful it's great. I think its like having a second little family!

I have been so lucky to gain 60 followers on twitter! Its not loads but it's enough, as long as I know people are reading my blogs and enjoying them then thats the main thing! I also reached 40 followers on bloglovin'! Im feeling the love! Although you guys need to start liking posts if you like them so I know what i'm doing right and wrong!

Well anyway so far my blogging experience has been amazing! I have been nominated for a Liebster award, I have done a guest post, I have gained some followers and I have met a couple of fellow blogging friends! Its been great, Im still enjoying it and still raring to go! 

Thank you everyone for your support and help so far! 

Much love 


  1. You're doing great! I just started blogging as well and Zoella was my inspiration (She's the best!). Come check out my blog

    1. I think she's a lot of people's inspirations! She's done so well and come so far!
      I'll have a look :) xx