Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Everyday Make Up Routine!

Hey Guys!


I thought I would show you how I do my everyday makeup. Baring in mind that I usually get up about 15 minutes before I have to leave the house, so I usually only have 5 minutes to do my make up.

I start off with a fresh clean face, my everyday routine is to just wash my face with cold water and then apply some of my Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser. I don't have time to look after myself properly!

I then squirt three pumps of my Maybelline Fit Me foundation onto my finger tips. I rub my hands together so its on both hands and then I apply the foundation onto my face. I start of with my cheeks, then some on my forehead, then nose (I tend to wait a few seconds before the next part so the foundation has a moment to air through, and set a little bit). Then finally a big rub around, just like Im washing my face.

I know this isnt really the correct way of doing it and I do spend more time on my foundation when I am getting ready to go out and I have given myself enough time. But in a morning I don't really need full coverage on my face as I am only going to work and this is possibly the quickest way to do it!

Anyway, next stage is to get rid of the shiny bits. I think its due to having oily skin, but I can not stand having a shiny face! I use my Maybelline Fit Me pressed powder and my real techniques buffing brush just to go over my foundation and to give me a nice matt finish.

This is the point that daisy then decided to join me in getting ready, which made it very difficult to move around!

So next step is to apply some bronzer onto the contours of my face. I will be treating myself to a contour kit soon, but for the time being bronzer has to do! I use Rimmel London Natural Bronzer and my real techniques contour brush to do this. I started by going over my cheek bones, from the area near my ear down to my mouth but stopping a little before. I then added a little on the corners of my face, just to the sides of my eyebrows.

I then used my Benefit Coralista blusher and using the brush supplied added a little bit of colour over my cheeks. Again, following the shape of my face and starting from the side of my face level with my eyes and sweeping down.

PAUSE - for a little bit of daisy loving.

Her face looks strangely long!

Next is my eyebrows, I use a Rimmel London Brow pencil at the moment, but if you saw my February Pay Day post, you will see that I am going to be purchasing a brow kit, which I think gives a more natural finish. I just go along each eyebrow filling in where needed and creating a nicer shape. I personally don't like very defined and dark brows for myself so I tend to keep it quite light and soft just to add a little bit of definition to set the face off.

What is my hand doing here!?

I then go on to do my eyeliner, again because it's just a quick get ready this is done pretty quickly, no eyeshadow etc is needed because it is only for work! I use Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner Pen. I start of from the inside of my eyes and then out to create a medium thickness line.

Finally, mascara! I use Maybelline Volum' Express - The Colossal Waterproof mascara. I have used
this for years and i've never found a better suited mascara to replace it with. It gives great length to my lashes and also after a few layers it gives a subtle thickness to them.

PAUSE AGAIN - More Daisy appreciation whilst I get dressed!

And (french accent) Vwa La! Finished and ready to go to work!

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