Wednesday, 19 February 2014

February Pay Day!

So pay day is just round the corner and I like to break the bank within the first week so I thought I would show you all what Im planning on buying when that money makes its way over!

From left to right and then down.

1. Angels on Bare Skin - Lush.
I have decided I NEED this! I constantly suffer from oily/greasy skin so I thought I would have a shop around to find some products that might help and Im starting with this one. I never really thought to shop at lush for products other than bath bombs and bubble bars, but when I had a look I realised that they do some really good looking products!

2. H'suan Wen Hua - Lush
Another Lush product, as I said above I had a really good scout on Lush's website and decided I would get this hair treatment as I have really dry ends!

3. Bubble Gum Lip Scrub - Lush
I currently have the Popcorn Lip Scrub which I absolutely love, what a fantastic product! The only negative is the flavour/smell. I love Popcorn but I prefer eating it rather than putting it on my lips cos I want to try the Bubblegum one!

4. Grease Lightning - Lush
I saw this on another blog that I was reading, and her review seemed realy good so I want to get this to try it out for myself!

5. Tea Tree Toner Water - Lush
I saw this on Dizzybrunette3's blog where she had done a review, again I loved the review and thought I would try it out for myself. Apparently its really good for oily skin!

6. Sleek Brown Kit - Dark - Superdrug
Moving away from Lush... I normally just use a brow pencil to fill in my eyebrows, but when I tried a friends brow kit I preferred the softer look it gave, they looked more natural. So I decided I was going to try this kit. As you will notice I don't have a lot of money to waste on expensive products so all my make up will be high street/low budget!

7. Cocoa Brown Tan - Superdrug
I first saw this on Millie Mackintosh/Manderson's twitter when she posted a before and after picture of the tan. I have since seen a lot of good reviews about it! I am not a big fan of fake tan as it just seems to a big waste of time for a big waste of effort! They only tan I have is the St Tropez tan which takes like 6hours to develop and after using that once, on a sweaty summers day, I have bothered since! So when I saw that this is only one hour, it doesn't smell, and there is no streaks or orange'ness I thought I would give it a try.

8. Dorma Mirabelle Quilt Cover - Littlewoods
Finally, I have recently been redecorating my bedroom and I have chosen this quilt cover for my new look. I love it!

Hope you all liked this short but sweet post, let me know what you think, and if you want me to do any special posts.

Much love

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