Tuesday, 11 February 2014

20 Facts About Me!

Hey Guys!
Well I thought what better way to get to know me than to do 20 facts about me!
Now these aren't just boring facts like, i'm female, I have brown eyes, I have a dog, I am 5ft 2.. no, I decided to pull a bunch of random facts together that are a little bit more interesting, I hope you like them!

1. I believe that I could be the new female member of One Direction! - Even though the sound of two cats fighting is probably a more pleasant sound than my singing, even in the shower!

2. I have a younger step brother, James, he will be a professional footballer one day! He's probably more like a big brother as he towers over me by about a foot, and is also crazy protective! I also have a half brother and sister. Finley is my half brother, he is a typical 5 year old boy, he loves fighting and playing games until the sun goes down. Finally, Heidi is my adorable half sister, which you wouldn't believe as everything she is like, is exactly what I was like at her age!

3. My favourite vegetable is peas! Cooked, uncooked and frozen, I just love them.

4. I had my 'Noo Noo' (dummy/pacifier) until I was about 6. I decided to give them up when my mum told me that I would grow elephant tusks if I didn't, we resorted to burying them in the back garden as I had once read a story that if you plant them in the ground, a noo noo tree will appear. My cunning plan didn't quite work out in my favour.

5. Every time I go out for tea at 'The King's Head', which is our local 'Sizzling Pubs' Pub. I will always, no matter what, order the cheesy nachos with added slow cooked bbq pulled pork for my starter. Then for my main I will have Tangy Tomato & Chorizo Chicken Melt with added curly fries! It is beyond my favourite meal ever! If you haven't tried it before then get down to your local sizzling pub and try it!!

6. I apparently (I don't believe a word of it) sleep talk! Not just random words, but I supposedly decided to relay the days activities and events.

7. I have a scar on my left knee which I got quite a few years ago by thinking I was 'one of the lads'.
I was playing football on the field with my friends, it was muddy and raining and so much fun! When I eventually managed to score a goal, I decided it would be a great idea to get even more muddy and knee slide into a puddle of mud, which just happened to be full of rocks, sharp pointy ones!! I then had to walk the rest of the home with blood dripping down my knee, as my mum refused to let me in the car because I was lathered in mud!

8. I have a strange obsession with PILLOWS! I currently have 8 pillows around my bed. I only sleep on one, but I have to have all other seven around me! On the nights when my boyfriend isn't staying over I literally have to build a fortress of pillows around myself to save me from the monsters and of course the cold!!

9. Yes, as I mentioned in number 8, I have a boyfriend (a pain in my arse). Jason, aka Jase, is 21 years old with the mental ages of 5,15, 19 and 80! We have been together for nearly 3 years now and are still the bestest of friends, I really couldn't imagine life without him. Anyway enough of the ewy gewy stuff, roll on number...

Here's me and Jase, this is most recent photo that I have of us both that we both look ok in. Neither of us like photos!

10. My favourite drink in the whole world is strawberry milkshake! But not the silly real fruit stuff, no... It has to be the sweet sugary syrup kind, full fat milk, frothy and maybe even a big dollop of ice cream! Now that is a proper milkshake!!

11. Following from the last one, my dream in life is to one day open up my own little cafe, and this dream is built for one reason only... and that is to be able to serve a proper strawberry milkshake!

12. I can not drink one drop of sambuca without wanting to be sick!

13. This one is kind of a little funny story for you instead of a fact. The fact is, that the last time I was sick from too much alcohol, was last August. The story behind it is, me, Jase and some friends of ours decided to go to Hubbards Hills for the day, we decided that on the way home we would all stop of at Tescos to stock up on alcohol ready for a crazy game of ring of fire. We headed back to my summer house, and after and hour or two there wasn't a sober mind left. After Jake puked up in a bowl of hula hoops we decided to call it a night.
Me and Jase were ushered up stairs straight to bed. I threw on a baggy top to sleep in, and Jase decided it would be a good idea to strip down to his birthday suit before he passed out. Within a few minutes I had had enough of riding the unsteady waves that made my room spin around, and shouted for my mum, who after years of sickness bugs and eating too many sweets knew the drill. Bucket in one hand and towel in the other she came to my rescue. After a few minutes I was feeling much better after getting rid of all the alcohol in my system, and with that Jase shot up retching.
The bucket was quickly passed on as Jase hung his head in shame over it, with absolutely no recollection as to what was even happening, he was completely out of it! Now can I just remind you all of the part where Jase stripped off stark naked. He was now sat, legs crossed, no quilt to cover his manly hood, bearing every detail, while my mum was stood there nursing us both better.
Well I have never in my life laughed so much the next morning when the memories came flooding back. Jase however, I have never seen blush as much as he did.

14. So onto the next one, I once had a hamster named Delilah. We only had her for a couple of weeks as we decided to give her back to the pet shop for them to put her up for adoption. We didn't realise the responsibility that hamsters came with, and also we didn't realise that we had bought the devil in the form of a hamster! She drove us crazy, constantly gnawing on her cage constantly through the night, making as much noise as possible, and then in the day when she wanted to come out and play we couldn't pick her up because she kept biting us! The cutest, yet most demonic hamster alive!

15. I have very little self confidence. I have always struggled with my weight from becoming a teenager. Last year I started Slimming World, and I managed to lose a stone in weight. My goal was to have a bikini body ready for my holiday, I managed to get down to a reasonable weight, and after a lot of handwork and exercise I got very close to feeling body confident. I was a lot more confident with myself and that led me to be happier, I didn't have to worry about what to wear, and I no longer had to wear baggy clothes to cover myself up. Unfortunately when I got back from holiday I forgot about keeping to my plan and I put all the weight i'd lost back on, and even more! I have joined slimming world again and I know I have to stick to it completely and never stray because all ti did was put me back to where I didn't want to be. I will get back there!!!

16. I have two dogs! Well they're actually both my mum and step dads, but I count one of them as mine! We have Lilly, a Yorkshire Terrier. She is my mums little baby, literally, she believes she human. Then we have Daisy, a little Chihuahua. We only got Daisy last August so she is still a little puppy, but we don't think she will grow much more. I thought I would add this little fact in as you probably be seeing a lot more of Daisy. She just happens to be very photogenic and my whole Instagram is just full of pictures of her!

Daisy taking a little doze wrapped up in my jumper while I get ready.

17. My parents are divorced. I thought i'd pop this one in because it will probably help unravel a few things. My mum and dad decided to go separate ways when I was 8. Its not something I have ever really been sad about as I gained a lot from it! I now have of amazing families. Both of my parents managed to find love again which then made me ever so happy, especially because they both couldn't of picked a better person to be with! I then also gained 3 siblings! I was an only child, but then James came into my life when he was 4, James is Simon's (my stepdad) son. Then a few years later my dad and his new wife Karen had a little girl, Heidi, then a few more years later on they had Finley! I love James and Finley to the moon and back a million times and I love all three equally, but Heidi is very special to me. When I was younger all I had wanted was a little sister, but when mum and dad split up that wasn't going to happen. So when I found out that dad and karen had had a little girl I was over the moon!! Every time I went over I would feed her, change her, play with her, rock her to sleep.. I would do everything I could because I was so happy that I had finally got my little sister!
So on top of having a bunch of amazing people come into my life, I also got two homes to live in, two christmas' and two birthdays, and just a whole lot of love!!

18. If I ever go downstairs in the middle of the night, I have to sprint all the way back up to my room because I believe that the Frosties tiger is chasing me!

19. I think my favourite pudding is Lemon Meringue Pie, but it could be Lemon Love, or Lemon Drizzle cake. Well either way I love all three, probably in that order! I also love anything chocolate'y or cake'y!

A Lemon Meringue Pie my Nan made me.

20. I cant wait to get my own place! Theres not much more to it, I just cant wait! I love living at home, but I cant wait to be able to have my own place to call home!

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